About Me

I believe people are curious and resilient. No matter the obstacle, we can all change, adapt and grow. For many of us, it’s a vital part in ensuring our daily lives continue to be satisfying and enjoyable.
I specialize in helping clients advance their careers and lives, through a measured approach of self exploration, assessment and goal setting. Most often I recommend clients choose goals that will result in a noticeable improvement to their environment, whether that’s based in an organization, neighborhood or family.


I have topical knowledge and skills in managing performance, employees, corporate culture and nonprofits, through 25+ years of working in finance, HR management and organizational development. I hold a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Master’s in HR and Change Leadership and certificate in Executive Coaching.


Beyond my credentials and experience, I also have soft skills based in my insights into situations and behaviors. I’m easily able to connect and relate to people, and offer a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to facilitate truth and growth. At heart I am a learner and have a sense of wonder and curiosity. I also bring a balance of linear thinking and mindfulness to the table, and can keep clients on task and focused to achieve their goals.

Don't Be Shy

Feel free to contact me about your current situation and how I can put together a custom plan to help you take the next steps.