Advance My Career

Does this sound familiar to you? I can help!


You feel like you’re in a dead end job and want to somehow advance your career, not keep the old, same old.


You want to go back to school, but aren’t exactly sure what you’re after.


You need to assess your career opportunities because you recently lost your job.


You just got promoted and want to on-board into your new position with grace and impact.

When you work with me:

You’ll find out that I believe learning leads to growth. I believe each person comes to our relationship as a whole person. I strive to connect head to heart, lead from behind, and facilitate the relationship to embrace self-discovery, acknowledgement, learning, accountability, and goal achievement. I believe self-efficacy and building on success leads to sustainability of change.

Now, what do I really believe? That play and fun are a lot more effective, have a bigger impact and teach us more about ourselves. We just need to pay attention and enjoy the journey.

How do we accomplish this together?

We do this through the coaching relationship. Each client is in charge of their own journey by coming to the relationship with an open mind and motivation. The client will self-generate topics, goals, and solutions. I strive to be their champion, to encourage empowerment and support them in their journey. This journey can involve discovery, assessment, and exploration of self, feedback, goal setting, measurement, and impact.

Possible coaching focuses:

  • Performance improvement
  • High potential coaching
  • On-boarding coaching
  • Legacy coaching
  • Career transitions
  • Transitions due to loss
  • Feedback and development planning
  • Strategic leadership
  • Work life balance
  • Career development
  • HR planning, strategy and budgeting

Don't Be Shy

Feel free to contact me about your current situation and how I can put together a custom plan to help you take the next steps.