My Approach

I use a methodical, practical and thorough coaching journey model that is tailored to the individual and any other stakeholders, be it an organization, or a community. This model can involve discovery, assessment, and exploration of self, stakeholder feedback, goal setting, measurement, and impact. This model also concentrates on the relationships between people and process data points, with a concentration on capabilities development and real world practices.

Each Step

At this stage we will create a contract for the two of us, we will understand ethical coaching practices and coaching best practices.


      At this stage we’ll discuss your past and current jobs, and key lessons you’ve learned over your career. We’ll develop some initial goals you might have and assess how that fits into what’s expected of you, whether that’s at work or home.


At this stage we’ll explore and discover relationships, personal values, life purpose and we’ll challenge your beliefs and assumptions.  We’ll possibly make meaning with assessments, or bring awareness to self and reputation through 360 feedback.

At this stage we’ll create goals and figure out what goal success could look like.  We’ll work through deep exploration, learn about behaviors, understand personal growth and change.

At this stage we’ll reflect and assess the changes and impact of your work.

At this stage we will launch for sustainability through self-generated learning and growth!

Don't Be Shy

Feel free to contact me about your current situation and how I can put together a custom plan to help you take the next steps.